Player Warps

Set up your own public warp to let everyone visit your town, shop, and more!

What are Warps?

Warps allow everyone on a server to instantly teleport to a specific place within the world. They work just like homes (/sethome), but everyone has access to the warps! We are very excited to have our own custom warp system that allows players to easily apply for their own warp wherever they want and maintain their warp (the name, description, and icon) on their own! This lets you easily promote your town, shop, or just about anything else on the server.

In-game warp GUI

Warp Requirements

1. You need to be the owner of the claim your warp is placed in!

2. Your warp area should look good. It should look professional, and be nearly finished. Your warp should be safe for players and easy to navigate.

3. If your warp's primary function is a shop, then they need to be selling something players want and you need to keep them well stocked. If you're selling something spawn's shops also sell, you should be selling at a lower price.

4. If your warp is a town, you should have plenty of subdivided plots set up, and be active enough to maintain and assign players to those plots quickly. You must also have at least 3 residents in your town before applying for a warp.

5. If your warp is something else, such as a public spawner, or simply a pretty build players enjoy hanging out at, then make sure it's unique or offers something that other similar warps do not.

6. Warps needs to be more than 500 blocks apart, and two warps can not lead to the same area.

Useful Commands

  • /warps - Open a GUI showing all warps
  • /warps apply - Apply for your own warp

Applying for a Warp

Once you've built something that you want to share, and made sure that it meets the "Warp Requirements", you can apply for a warp in-game! Applying is easy, just do /warps apply and follow the prompts.

The application process will ask you for a name, description, icon, and location for your warp. Before beginning the application process, be sure you are standing where you want the warp to be! Make sure you are also facing the direction you want players to face when they teleport to your warp. Don't look at the ground! Your warp name must be under 30 characters and your description must be under 120. Do not use any color codes. When it asks for the item you want to have as an icon, simply hold the desired item in your hand.

Attention: Warps cost $5000. If your application is denied, you will be refunded half of this cost ($2,500). To continue, type continue, or to cancel, type cancel. However, if your warp is approved, but you fail to maintain it, your warp will be deleted without a refund!

Maintaining a Warp

We've made it easy for you to maintain your warp on your own. As the warp owner you can change the name, description, and icon anytime. There is no charge for modifying a warp. To access the GUI to manage your warp, just do /warps and click on the chest labeled "My Warps" in the bottom left corner.

In-game warp edit GUI

Maintaining a warp also involves making sure it looks nice, shops are well stocked, and, if it's a town, open plots are always available for residents to move in. Make sure you keep up on maintaining your warp or it could be deleted! If a warp is deleted by a staff member you will not receive a refund for the creation cost.

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