Player Warps

Set up your own public warp to let everyone visit your town, shop, and more!

What are Warps?

Warps allow everyone to teleport to a specific place within the world. They work just like homes (/sethome), but everyone has access to the warps. We are very excited to have our own custom warp system that allows players to easily apply for their own warp wherever they want and maintain their warp (the name, description, and icon) on their own! This lets you easily promote your town, shop, farm, or just about anything else.

All warps are separated into categories so it's easy to find the category of warp you're looking for.

In-game warp GUI

Applying for a Warp

Once you've built something that you want to share, and made sure that it meets the "Warp Requirements", you can apply for a warp in-game! Applying is easy, just do /warps apply and follow the prompts.

The application process will ask you for a name, description, icon, category, and location for your warp. Before beginning the application process, be sure you are standing where you want the warp to be! Make sure you are also facing the direction you want players to face when they teleport to your warp. Don't look at the ground! Your warp name must be under 30 characters and your description must be under 120. Do not use any color codes. When it asks for the item you want to have as an icon, simply hold the desired item in your hand.

Attention: Warps cost $25000. If your application is denied, you will be refunded $15000. To continue, type continue, or to cancel, type cancel. However, if your warp is approved, but you fail to maintain it, your warp will be deleted without a refund!

Warp Requirements

You need to be the owner of the claim your warp is placed in. It should look good, and be as finished as your warp type allows you to have it. Safety is an important aspect as well, visitors should not be accidently dying by falling in dangerous areas or having mobs spawn on them. Phantoms are an exception to this rule as you can't easily prevent those spawns. Your warp should be in one claim*, and divided with subclaims if you need to allow different levels of trust in different areas (house plots in towns, shop plots in malls, etc).

*If a warp cannot be done in one claim due to surrounding claims, you are allowed to use up to 3 separate claims to claim everything. If you can reduce the total size of your claim by at least roughly 30% by using an extra claim, you may do so for up to a total of 3 claims.

It should be easy for players to find where they want to go. You can accomplish this through signs or by designing it in such a way that players can see their destination when they warp in. Your warp's claim border should be 500 blocks away from any other warp's claim border, and two warps can not lead to the same area. We encourage making it possible for players to leave the warp, either by walking or elytra use, so that they can use it as a starting point for exploring as well.

If you have any farms in the area of your warp that players don't benefit from through your warp it should not be possible for players to load those farms during regular use. We don't want players being used as chunkloaders.

It's important to make sure your warp is as lag friendly as possible. Our rules on lag can be found here on the lag page. If we find your warp creates more lag than necessary for its function we will deny the application.


Any warp that is designed to house other players
  • It should be clear how to navigate the town and how to get a plot
  • You need to be active enough to regularly assign players new plots
  • Your town must have a community that actively participates in your town by living/building there or using your towns features both before applying and while it's a warp (Minimum 3 active players other than you)
  • Players should be able to leave the town area in order to use the warp as a travel hub


Any warp that sells/trades/buys items using shops. This also includes malls.
  • It should be clear where to go to find the items that are being sold from the warp spawn point
  • Your shops should sell items players want and aren’t readily available elsewhere
  • Your prices should be competitive with spawn and other warps
  • You are responsible for keeping stock up. Staff will regularly check random shops within your warp, if they find understocked shops they will issue warnings for it and eventually remove it. This counts for mall owners as well!
  • Players should be able to leave the area in order to use the warp as a travel hub
General stock requirements
  • Easily obtainable items such as concrete: full chest
  • Hard to obtain, common items such as diamonds: 1 stack
  • Hard to obtain, uncommon items such as netherite/beacons: 16
  • Maps: 16 for 1x1, 8 for anything over 1x1 up to 2x2, and 4 for anything over 2x2


Any warps that give XP
  • It should be easy to find where to go and how to use the farm
  • Players should have access to all of the drops either through shops with competitive prices, or for free
  • XP farms should not attempt to bypass our anti lag systems
  • Kill chambers should be 1x1 or 1x2, exceptions to this rule are listed below
  • Amount of farms allowed as warps:
    • Skeleton/zombie/spider - 1 each
    • Bad Omen - 1
    • Raid - 2
    • Guardian - 2
    • Endermen - 2
    • Creeper - 2
    • Shulker - 2
    • Wither skeleton - 2
  • Exceptions can be made for this rule if the farms have different, unique designs (such as a one-player vs two-player farm). Head Staff will approve these exceptions on a case-by-case basis

Kill chamber size exceptions
  • Magma kill chamber may be up to 3x3
  • Hoglin kill chamber may be up to 2x2
  • Ravagers during pillager raids must be killed automatically and the kill chamber should still be 2x1 for the rest of the mobs
  • Enderman kill chamber may be up to 3x3


Any warp that doesn't fit in the other categories can go in here
  • Warps designed for player events need to look aesthetically pleasing and accommodate a large amount of players
  • Casino warps should, at a minimum, display or list the prizes that can be won from each game
    • If the game allows you to win crate items, listing the rarity of prizes that can be won is acceptable
  • Casino warps should have a disclaimer posted visibly that tells players that they can lose money and should expect to lose money playing any gambling machines
  • Portal warps need to be the only one of its kind
  • Villager trading areas have their villagers on no AI blocks and be named public for public accessibility

Maintaining a Warp

We've made it easy for you to maintain your warp on your own. As the warp owner you can change the name, description, and icon anytime. There is no charge for modifying a warp. To access the GUI to manage your warp, just do /warps and click on the chest labeled "My Warps" in the bottom left corner.

In-game warp edit GUI

Maintaining a warp also involves making sure it looks nice, shops are well stocked, and, if it's a town, open plots are always available for residents to move in. Make sure you keep up on maintaining your warp or it could be deleted! If a warp is deleted by a staff member you will not receive a refund for the creation cost.

Warp Notes

- If a new warp application has improvements or additional, useful features that a current warp lacks, the current warp may be replaced with the new one. For example, if there already is a single-spawner spider farm that offers drops at a certain price, and a warp application is submitted for a spider farm with multiple spawners and offers free drops, the new warp is likely to be favored.

- Warps that are malls (primarily focused on having many shop plots for many players) are limited to 2.

- Smaller shop warps are limited to 1 shop per type. For example, only 1 warp for redstone-related shops.

- In order to always keep our warps fair and updated, we will automatically remove a warp if the warp owner has been offline for 30+ days. We need to be able to contact our warp owners in a timely manner incase any issues with the warp happen to pop up. If we notice that a player is fairly inactive and another warp application comes in for a similar warp, the application will be more likely to be accepted if the warp meets all of our requirements. If you plan on being gone for an extended period of time, 14+ days, you can let a staff member know and they will note it down and try to work with you.

- The staff team does weekly warp checks to make sure our warps continue to stay up to meet our requirements. They will mail a warp owner if they notice an issue (low stock, sudden lighting issue, farm isn't working, etc.), and we expect all issues to be fixed within a week of receiving that mail. If an issue goes unfixed, we will remove the warp due to the lack of upkeep. If the issue is something you need help fixing or you're unable to work on it during the week, you can reach out to any member of the staff team and they will work with you!

Useful Commands

  • /warps - Open a GUI showing all warps
  • /warps apply - Apply for your own warp