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Altitude now on 1.20.4!

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Adventure Begins

You awake in a strange town, where are you? There are residents running about trading with each other and stories of distant realms with more towns. It's time to write your story. Welcome to Altitude, the laid-back community-oriented server that hosts your home for Minecraft.

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Meet the Community

Altitude is home to players young and old from all around the globe, and here, everyone is family. Altitude is your place to get together with friends and relax - and maybe enjoy some survival too. Altitude is intended for older players, but all are welcome!

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Survival Shaped by You

Altitude is built by the community, for the community. We've added features requested by our members and several custom plugins to create our "perfect" survival experience.

McMMO & MyPet

Two of the most requested plugins on Altitude, level up yourself and your pet with these MMO-based plugins!

MyPet Info

Dynamic map

See the world and the players around it in real-time! The map shows the entire survival world with claims and warps.

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Player Shops

Our economy is built on player shops, encouraging player interaction and putting the control in your hands.

Shop Guide

"Great community, great people, great server all round . . . If it can bring back my love for minecraft, it could work wonders for you."

- /u/seanhanley1993

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