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The Altitude Minecraft Server

Community Minecraft server hosting semi-vanilla survival!

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Welcome Home

Altitude is your home away from home. It's a place to relax, a place to connect with others, and a place to get away for a while. We are committed to providing a simple, well-built server where you can come together with friends, or make new ones, and enjoy the original Minecraft gamemodes: survival & creative.

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Altitude is Community

On Altitude, it's all about coming together and having a good time. We frequently host themed events on our server, but our community stretches beyond just Minecraft. You'll find us hanging out in Discord and even organizing groups for other games. We've welcomed thousands of players from around the globe, and we'd love to welcome you next!

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Simply Semi-Vanilla

Our goal from the beginning was to keep things simple, so we've only added the plugins that our community requested the most. Our survival world features McMMO, Dynmap, and land claiming & our creative world offers basic worldedit for everyone.

Land Protection

Claim your land to protect it from griefing & raiding. Subdivide your claim and invite others to start a town.

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See the world and the players around it in real-time. Explore any biome or find a place uninhabited to colonize.

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Level up in various skills as you progress on the server an unlock perks like blast mining and tree-feller.

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Vanilla at Heart

Too often we see survival servers disabling the very things that make the game interesting! Not on Altitude. We've kept the default spawn rates, opened the nether to everyone, and set the end to auto-reset once a month (spawning a new dragon egg!) We want everyone to get the full survival experience on Altitude.

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"This server bleeds excellence and the owners & its players treat folks with the utmost respect and friendliness. ​A rare gem in the world of Minecraft for sure!"

- WayaAdahy, Server Review

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