How to get a nickname

Personalize your writing and nickname in-game by choosing some of the millions of custom colors that we have to offer!

Creating a Nickname

Donors that have the Duke or Archduke rank have the ability to create custom nicknames for themselves. A nickname should be similar enough to the player’s username for that player to be identifiable, and it must not exceed 16 characters in length. In general, a nickname should include the main part of a player’s actual username to avoid confusion.

Make it Your Own

Altitude now supports the full range of RGB colors, which includes more than 16 million different hues. In addition, the previous basic color codes still exist and are able to be used in combination with the RGB colors. You can still use /colors to see the basic color codes that are available for use. You can also make use of /colorsextra which shows many different RGB color options. These colors will be in the form of #XXXXXX; write down the colors that you like so that you can easily use them later.

RGB colors

Output of /colorsextra

Furthermore, you can also use the nickname generation tool to make and preview potential nicknames - as well as copying the commands to use in-game.

Players are encouraged to play around and personalize their nicknames, as long as they follow the rules and are legible! There are endless possibilities beyond simple gradients as well; players can create any combination of standard colors and gradients that they choose.

Even if you aren’t a Duke or Archduke, you can try out colors like this on signs in-game.

Request Your Nickname

Players can only submit a new nickname request using /nick request <name> once per day. When a nickname is requested, it will notify staff for near-instant approval. Creating custom nicknames using RGB can be difficult, so we have implemented /nick try <name> so that you can experiment with your nicknames as many times as you want. It is highly encouraged to use this command before submitting a formal request to staff. You can select an RGB color by putting the #XXXXXX code into curly braces before your text.

We also support gradients in nicknames. You can specify the start and finish color and your nickname will automatically find a gradient that goes between the two endpoints. The symbol > is used to start a gradient, and the symbol < is used to close a gradient. You can have as many gradients as you want in your nickname, as long as it is readable.

/nick try {#003380}Player would result in a blue name that read as “Player”.

/nick try {#003380>}Player{#0000FF<} would result in the nickname reading as “Player” with a blue gradient fading across the letters in the name.

Useful Commands

  • /nick help - Shows a list of all useful nickname commands and how to use them.
  • /nick try name - Allows players to see how a nickname would look as many times as you like.
  • /nick request name - Allows players to submit a new nickname to staff for approval. This function can only be used once per day.