Altitude features a way to save maparts and bring them across servers.

What is mapart?

Any map is a piece of art, but the common meaning of this is an actual drawing onto a map. By placing blocks on a plot to color in a map one pixel at a time, you can create an image.

Creating these maps is time consuming, and since Altitude has 4 survival servers we want to support these mapartists by offering an easier way to share their mapart than by rebuilding it on every server.

How to save mapart

After you have placed all blocks on your plot and have the image recorded on your map, hold the map in your main hand and do /mapart save. This will cost you $2000 in game currency.

Once this is done, you can then take your maps onto the other servers.

The saving process can take several minutes, so if they don’t work instantly on the other servers give it some time.

Useful resources for creating mapart

Mapart may be created simply by zooming in on an image you wish to create and placing pixels by eye. First, however, you must know what blocks to use for each color. This Minecraft wiki article explains map item formatting such as colors available on maps and the blocks that correspond.

Pick whichever blocks are the most convenient to collect and to break later if you plan on reusing blocks for multiple maps.

Additionally, there is an incredibly useful online tool known as Mapartcraft by Rebane that can take an image and automatically convert it to a schematic that can be used in conjunction with litematica/schematica as a guide to create much more detailed mapart! Be sure to select the correct version of Minecraft in the settings and pick your preferred blocks. This tool can be found here.

Reminder: While schematica and litematica are permitted mods on Altitude, any auto-build features they may include are not!

Is my mapart protected?

The only person that can remove or clone saved maps is the one who created them. Mapart can be copied by using the vanilla method on a cartography table.

To remove it from being shared on the other servers do /mapart remove. Remember that this action can’t be undone. Be sure to do this on the home server where the map was made, as the image will immediately be wiped/changed on any other server.

What mapart can I make

If you plan on making some kind of map art that some may consider inappropriate, explicit, or controversial, you can submit a request for review through our AltitudeBot support bot on Discord. Simply message the bot anything, and the bot will reply with commands that you can utilize. For mapart review requests, you will be using the command !mapart <description of map art>. Please be sure to also attach an image of the mapart (it is not possible to submit the request without an image)!

Creating inappropriate mapart without prior approval may result in deletion of the mapart itself and punishment for the creator.

Useful Commands

  • /mapart save - Save a mapart
  • /mapart remove - Delete a mapart
  • /mapart find - See who made a specific mapart