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We aim to be an inclusive community server where players of all ages can find something to enjoy.


Altitude is a community-centered survival Minecraft server for 1.20.4. Altitude opened in January of 2015 and was originally a private server for a small group of friends. We’ve since opened our doors to welcome anyone and everyone to enjoy the custom survival experience we’ve crafted!

The community grew rapidly in the beginning of 1.13 and therefore grew beyond the capacity of a single server, so we opened two survival servers that each offered the same features and plugins, but a different seed so that there is lots of land to explore!. The two servers later became four servers.

The Minecraft hype slowly died down and therefore we had to downscale first to two servers for 1.18 and then for 1.20 down to one server again.

If you would like to learn more about the history of Altitude, you can visit our about page!

Claiming Land

You should protect your home by “claiming” it to prevent others stealing your items or damaging your build. This is important because we allow players to loot unclaimed buildings, claim them as their own, and even completely remove them because we otherwise would have a world full of abandoned buildings. This means that if your home is damaged in any way because it wasn’t protected, staff will not be able to restore your items!

Claiming land on Altitude is easy. We use the very popular plugin “GriefPrevention”, which allows players to use a golden shovel to make their claim.To get started enter the command /claim which will give you the necessary tools. After that you simply click two opposite corners with the golden shovel (can be any golden shovel, not only the one given through /claim) to claim the area between the points.

If you need more help with claiming, including trusting others and expanding your claim, visit our claiming page!


We offer a collection of economy features to provide a player-focused and player-operated economy. Players can create their own shops with the ChestShop plugin to buy and sell goods with others, apply for a warp so that other players can travel directly to their shop, and pay other players directly with the /pay command.

There are also shops in the spawn of each world that sell basic items like raw ores, food, and building blocks. The prices in the spawn shops are designed to be much higher than you would likely find at player shops to encourage trading between players and only using spawn as a last resort.

If you would like to learn more about the economy and how to create your own chest shops, see our economy page!

If you would like to learn about applying for your own warp, including the criteria you must meet, see our warps page!

Survival Features

On Altitude, we want to provide an authentic survival experience for every player. In a multiplayer environment, this can be challenging! To provide the best experience we possibly can, we’ve kept some vanilla features on that other servers disable:

  • TNT and creepers do damage! (Claimed land is safe)
  • /back to return to your last position
  • /dback to return to your death position. (This even works if you have used /back earlier!)
  • Loot chests by default cannot be broken. You can enable this by doing /iwanttobreakthisblock <block>.

McMMO & MyPet

Our server feature the very popular community-requested plugins: McMMO & MyPet. McMMO introduces an RPG-like experience to the survival game with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, and new mechanics. The primary feature of McMMO is the detailed leveling system that breaks down Minecraft into fifteen skills including mining, woodcutting, and herbalism. Each skill will level up the more you do it unlocking powerful abilities related to that skill.

If you’d like to learn more about McMMO, visit their wiki here!

MyPet allows you to claim nearly any mob in-game as your “pet”. Each pet can be assigned a skilltree that gives it unique abilities. Pets can learn to fight alongside you against mobs, pick up items for you as you mine, and even provide faster travel around the world. Pets will level up in their skilltree the more you play with them to unlock more abilities.

If you would like to learn more about MyPet and their abiltiies, visit our MyPet page!


Occasionally, you may find yourself with a creative itch, or need a way to experiment and collaborate with other players on the server! We offer a creative server for just that purpose. Players can use as many plots in creative as they need (just ask a staff for more if you reach the default limit) and each plot is 100 by 100 blocks. Players frequently use these plots for testing our survival builds before taking the time to collect the resources in survival to build it.

Due to the low traffic that the creative server gets, we do not moderate this server as closely. If you see anything wrong with the server, please inform a staff member so that we can get it resolved!

More Help

You are now on your way to becoming a member of the Altitude community! We hope we’ve provided you with the tools necessary to be successful on our servers. If you have any other questions, please reach out to a staff member in-game, or on our Discord!

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