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Player Shops (ChestShop)

To create a shop you will need a chest, sign, and an item you want to sell. Place the chest where you want your shop to be and then place the sign on the chest. Fill out the sign by skipping the first line, putting the quantity of the item being sold per transaction on the second, and the price of each transaction on the third.

You can put a buy price (what the player must pay to buy the item), sell price (what you will pay to take the item from the player), or both, on one sign. See the screenshot below for formatting.

Screenshot showing chest shop creation template.

Once you have your sign created, click the sign with the item you want to sell. It will auto-fill the first line and last line of the sign with your name and your item. Make sure you put some inventory in the shop and make sure it never runs out!

Screenshot showing finished chest shop.

Player Warps

Once you have a shop, town, or something else you will want to generate traffic to it. A warp lets players teleport directly to places in the world. You can see all active warps with /warps. They are also marked on the Dynmap!

You can apply for a warp for anything the community might find useful. Make sure your warp is well built, well maintained, and follows the guidelines posted here.

To apply for a warp use /warps apply in-game and follow the prompts in chat. Once your application is finished a staff member will review it and approve or deny it. Applying for a warp costs $5000, which will be refunded if your warp is denied.

Server Shops (Origin)

You can also sell and buy select items from the server at spawn. This is generally not recommended because the server sells most items for a very high price and buys most items for a very low price. The server may be used as a last resort for some quick cash or some quick materials, but player shops will generally be a much better value.

The server's shops are located in Origin, the server's central town. You can get to Origin by doing /spawn any time. Each building in Origin contains a certain category of items that can be purchased or sold. Not every item is available in Origin - only basic materials, common necessities, and items that are limited in availability.

Screenshot of shops at Origin (spawn).

How Does the Economy Work?

Altitude has a simple shop-based economy that introduces a virtual currency for easier trading between players. A "shop" is a sign that allows you to exchange an item for virtual currency, or vice-versa. The server has some limited shops at spawn, but the main feature of the economy is the player shops. While spawn may sell some limited items, you will often find a better price and better availability at a player's shop!

In order to promote player shops we have a warp system that allows players to instantly teleport to designated locations. Anyone can apply for a warp as long as the destination is something that is useful to other players, such as: shops, towns, and public grinders.

Useful Commands

  • /bal - Check your current balance
  • /pay <player> <amount> - Pay other players
  • /payconfirmtoggle <player> - Toggle payment confirmation prompts
  • /cstoggle - Toggle buy and sell notification messages
  • /warps - Teleport to player warps around the world
  • /warps apply - Apply for your own warp!

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