Custom Features

A list of custom features created specifically to enhance the survival experience on Altitude.

Commands for the features are listed here


Beacons can be activated by redstone

  • Powering the block above a beacon disables the beam

Glow lichen can be silk touched

Vines can be silk touched and bonemealed

Coral and coral fans can be bonemealed to grow a new coral tree

Mushroom blocks can be stripped with an axe

Candles can be placed without a block beneath them

Crying obsidian can be used to create nether portals

Gravel and sand are craftable in stonecutters

  • Cobblestone -> Gravel
  • Gravel -> Sand

Sponges can remove lava - wet sponges remove more (Note: the sponge will be consumed)

Item frames can be made invisible using a diamond

Rotation of item frames can be locked using a slime ball

Copper can be oxidized using a cauldron of water

Pink petals can be placed on any surface

Wither roses can be bonemealed


Dispensers can interact with campfires

Dispensers can interact with cauldrons

Dispensers can place pumpkins

Dispensers can carve pumpkins

Barrels have 54 inventory slots

Furnaces have a built in item filter, this moves any item they can't process to the output

Naming a container or villager "public" makes them publically available

Natual loot chests (in dungeons, etc.) are not protected by claims (but can only be broken by the claim owner)

Compostable items

  • leather: 0.10
  • wooden_shovel: 0.10
  • rotten_flesh: 0.15
  • salmon: 0.15
  • cod: 0.15
  • porkchop: 0.15
  • beef: 0.15
  • chicken: 0.15
  • rabbit: 0.15
  • mutton: 0.15
  • bamboo: 0.15
  • wooden_sword: 0.20
  • wooden_hoe: 0.20
  • wooden_pickaxe: 0.30
  • wooden_axe: 0.30
  • poisonous_potato: 0.35
  • leather_boots: 0.40
  • flowering_azalea_leaves: 0.50
  • leather_helmet: 0.50
  • leather_leggings: 0.70
  • leather_chestplate: 0.80

Ender Dragon

First kill of the month awards a dragon egg

Can drop items when killed

  • elytra: 30%
  • dragon_head: 30%
  • dragon_breath: 40%
  • and seperately from the rest, a 0.1% chance for a dragon_egg


Bats can spawn above sea level (bat spawning only enabled during halloween)

Mobs can respawn in structures

  • Shulker -> End City
  • Piglin Brute, Piglin -> Bastion
  • Evoker, Vindicator, Allay -> Woodland Mansion
  • Allay -> Pillager Outpost
  • Camel -> Desert Village

Naming a mob "muted", "silenced", "silent" or "silence me" silences a mob

Naming a mob "muted", "silenced", "silent", "silence me", "protected" or "protect me" prevents it from being damaged by non-trusted players in a claim

Naming a mob "baby" prevents it from growing up

Wither health bar is removed when silenced

Turtles can hatch during daytime

Unclaim vanilla player pets (dogs, cats, parrots, horses) if the owner has been offline for 60+ days by right clicking with a lead

Fisherman villagers can sell Bucket of Salmon

Restrictions & disabled vanilla features

Restricted iron golem spawning (10 golems spawning in a radius of 112 blocks in a time span of 1 minute)

Disabled stacking raids (having multiple raids going on at once)

Disabled TNT duping

Disabled bat spawning

Disabled patrol spawning

Zombies don't attack villagers

Disabled processing of most things around AFK players

Disabled AI for villagers in a 1x1 area

Shulkers shooting each other does not spawn a new shulker since they respawn naturally in End Cities

Pigmen cannot spawn from portals

Allay duplication is disabled since they respawn natually in Mansions and Outposts

Players cannot claim land within 100 blocks of another claim without the owner's permission


Grindstones can strip shulker box & beehive NBT data

Sneak click mending

/iwanttobreakthisblock, required to break some natural generated blocks

/sneakclickmending, allows you to mend your items by right clicking while sneaking

Swift Sneak enchantment can be found in villager trades

Nether portals can be as small as 1x2 (1x2 portal, 3x4 base)

Lootchests refill once for every player

Empty maps can be duplicated using paper in a cartography table

Eating glowberries gives you a glowing effect