Claiming Tutorial

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How to Claim Land

To claim your land you will need to use the Claim Tool, a golden spade, as well as the Inspection Tool, a stick. Any golden spade and stick will work, you can even craft one, but the easiest way to get them is by doing /claimtool.

Minecraft golden shovel

To claim land you need to set two positions. These positions mark the opposite corners of your selection. Your claim protection will always go to the built limit in the sky, so you do not need to worry about selecting the correct height for your protection.

Start by right clicking one corner of the area you want to protect. Then, right click the opposite corner of the area you want to protect. Your selection will be outlined so that you can see what you have selected. To adjust your claim read "Modifying Your Claim"

​Players can create as many protected areas as they want, however there is a limit on how many blocks in total you can claim. New players can claim up to 2500 blocks. Players will earn an allowance of 150 additional blocks every hour they are online.

Resizing Your Claim

To expand your claimed area you will first use the Inspection Tool to show the area that you have protected. Then, you will use the Claim Tool to select and move the corners. First, right click on the corner that you want to expand. Then, right click again on the new spot that you want that corner to be. The selected claim will expand to that new position. You can do this with any of the corners.

Pro Tip: You don't have to right click on an actual block. You can select and move corners by right clicking with your cross-hair pointed at the block you want.

Screenshot showing claim border in-game

Useful Commands

  • /unclaim - Remove a protection​
  • /claimslist - List all of your protections
  • /containertrust <player> - Give someone access to chests in your claim
  • /permissiontrust <player> - Give someone the ability to trust and untrust others in your claim
  • /subdivide - Create claims within your main claim that you can trust people to
  • /trust <player> - Allow someone to build and use chests within your claim​
  • /trustlist - See who is trusted in your claim
  • /untrust <player> - Remove a player from your protection

Starting a Town

You can create and manage towns on the server by using subdivisions. This will let you be the mayor of a town (your entire claim) and add people to plots within your town (your subdivisions).

​​To start a town, claim your entire town - from one corner to another. Once you have the entire town claimed its time to create the plots that you will add people to within your claim. To do this, change your shovel to subdivision mode with /subdivide. Then, create subdivisions in the same way that you would create a normal claim. Right click on two corners. The new claim will be highlighted in white to signify a subdivision.

You can add people to individual subdivisions with /trust while standing within the subdivision. They will only have permission to build within that subdivision and the rest of the town will still be protected.

Screenshot of town subdivided

Automatic Claim Deletion

Claims by a player will automatically be deleted once that player has been inactive for 90 consecutive days. If you are planning to be gone this long, all you need to do is join for a couple of seconds within those 90 days to reset the timer. After 90 days we assume the player is no longer active with us and the claim is deleted.

If you are looking to loot an unclaimed home, be certain that the home is inactive. Stealing or griefing a home that you knew was actively used by another player is prohibited.

Add Players to Your Claim

You can add other players to your protected area to give them access to place and destroy blocks; and access chests and other blocks. To add someone to your protected area do:

  • /trust <player>

You can also give players the ability to access chests and other blocks, but NOT place or destroy blocks. To do this use the command:

  • /containertrust <player>

Finally, if you want another player to be able to add other players to your protected area, use the command:

  • /permissiontrust <player>

Pro Tip: To trust everyone on the server replace <player> with "all". This works with all of the commands above.

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