Claiming allows you to protect your items and builds from other players.

Getting Started

You can “claim” land on Altitude to protect your builds. When you claim a section of land, other players will be unable to place or break blocks, kill animals, take crops, or open chests. Everything will be completely protected!

To claim land, you will need some basic tools: a golden shovel, and a stick. You can craft these items yourself or do /claim to receive them for free. The shovel is used for modifying claims and the stick is used for viewing claim information.

Minecraft golden shovel

Players start with an allowance of 500 “claim blocks” and can purchase additional “claim blocks” with in-game currency using /buyclaimblocks. How many claims you can create depends on the rank you have - the amount can be found on the ranks page. Additionally, there is also a limit on how many blocks in total you can claim.

Creating a Claim

Before creating any claim, we should check if there are other claims by other players nearby. Claims by different people should be at least 100 blocks apart unless both parties discuss otherwise. To do this, hold a stick in your hand and shift + right click to visualize all nearby claims. Claims are visualized using dotted lines of gold blocks, so look around for any dotted lines on the ground around you.

Once you've confirmed that there are no claims too close, we can begin claiming! A claim doesn't go down all the way. The lowest point of the claim starts at 5 blocks below the lower corner you made. It'll keep expanding down as you place blocks lower and lower in the claim, but it may reset when you change the claim size, trust, subclaims etc. If you want to make sure your claim stays extended all the way down, make one of the initial corners at bedrock level. Remember to not claim further down than you need to.

If a claim is within 100 blocks you will be unable to create your claim. If the original claim owner is fine with you having a claim closer than the 100 blocks, then they can trust you using /claimnearbytrust. You will need to be trusted in order to claim and resize. The trust expires on every server reboot, this is to remind you that there are nearby claims.

Automatic Claim Deletion

When a player has been inactive for 60 consecutive days, on a server (not cross-server), their claim(s) on that server will be transferred into an admin claim(s). The claim will be in that state for 24 hours after which is will be fully unclaimed. During the time the claim is an admin claim everyone will be trusted. This means that you will be able to raid the claim, but not claim it. If you wish to claim the build you will have to return 24 hours later.

If you are planning on being gone this long, all you need to do is join for a couple of minutes within those 60 days to reset the timer. Unclaimed land is fair game to loot, so make sure your claims are active and properly sized!

Any containers (i.e shulker, chest) that are placed within an active raid-claim are fair game - this also includes containers that raiders place. This means that items a raider puts into their personal shulker aren't safe while placed down or when on the ground as an item after being broken, as anyone that comes by can take it.

Useful Commands

  • /buyclaimblocks - Buy more claim blocks​
  • /sellclaimblocks - Sell claim blocks​
  • /unclaim - Remove a protection​
  • /claimslist - List all of your protections
  • /expandclaim <number> - Expand the claim the direction you're facing (can also be used with negative numbers to downsize the claim)
  • /containertrust <player> - Give someone access to chests in your claim
  • /permissiontrust <player> - Give someone the ability to trust and untrust others in your claim
  • /accesstrust <player> - Give someone access to doors and trapdoors in your claim
  • /subdivide - Create claims within your main claim that you can trust people to
  • /restrictsubclaim - Sets subclaim NOT to inherit perms from the parent claim
  • /trust <player> - Allow someone to build and use chests within your claim​
  • /trustlist - See who is trusted in your claim
  • /untrust <player> - Remove a player from your protection
  • /kickfromclaim <player> - Kick a player outside of your claim
  • /petkick - Enter pet kicking mode (right click pets you don't want in your claim)

Resizing Your Claim

You can make your claim bigger or smaller any time by using a golden shovel. The process is similar to creating the claim. To make things easier, start by right clicking within the claim with a stick. This will show the border of the claim so you can see where the corners are.

To resize a claim, right click a corner you would like to move. Then, right click again wherever you would like to move that corner to. To make things easier, you don't need to right click the actual block, you can just point your crosshair at the block and right click from a distance.

If you don't have the needed amount of claim blocks to expand (or create) your claim, you will need to purchase additional claim blocks. The price for purchasing claim blocks is different depending on how many you have:

  • 0-10,000 blocks = $0.50/block
  • 10,000-50,000 blocks = $0.75/block
  • 50,000-300,000 blocks = $1.00/block
  • 300,000-1,000,000 blocks = $2.00/block
  • 1,000,000+ blocks = $5.00/block

If you have left over claim blocks you can sell them using /sellclaimblocks. The return will always be $0.50/block. This means that you need to be mindful of purchasing large amounts of claim blocks; don't purchase them unless you actually need them.

Screenshot showing claim border in-game

Subdividing Claims

Subdividing claims allows you to give players access to specific parts of your claim. This is the best way to manage a town or shop!

The idea behind subdivisions is easy. You are creating mini-claims within your main claim so that you can trust people to certain areas, but not the entire claim. You are still in control of the border of these mini-claims (size and location). Once a subdivision is created you can trust people the same way as before. Just stand in the mini-claim and use the trust commands. It will only trust them to the mini-claim. (To trust someone to your main claim you will need to stand outside of any mini-claims you've created.)

​​To create a subdivision you need to go into "subdivision mode". You can access this mode with /subdivideclaims. Once you are in this mode you can create the subdivisions the same way you would make a regular claim, just right click two corners. Subdivisions will be outlined with a white dotted line. To leave subdivision mode use /basicclaims.

Screenshot of town subdivided

Trusting Others

You can add other players to your protected area with various levels of access. To trust everyone on the server replace <player> with "all". This works with all of the commands below.

  • To give someone full access to your claim (break, build, access chests, etc) do: /trust <player>
  • To give someone just the ability to access storage items, but NOT build, do: /containertrust <player>
  • To give someone visitor access (opening the doors, but not take anything or build anything) do: /accesstrust <player>
  • To give someone permission to manage your claim (trusting other players) do: /permissiontrust <player>

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