About Us

We are a simple server born out of nostalgia, and working to maintain a semi-vanilla feel in today's Minecraft world.

Our Concept

We suppose you could say it all started with a bit of nostalgia. Altitude was inspired by the very first server Braydon joined back in 2012. It was a simple survival and creative server with a community that felt like family, so we took this concept and created Altitude. The features we've added have been carefully chosen to build on the vanilla experience, not change it, and create a server where you can enjoy the original Minecraft game in a community setting.

We plan to always keep Altitude a simple survival and creative server. A server where players can come together with friends, or make friends, and enjoy the original Minecraft game.

Founder & Owner

Altitude was founded by and is still operated by Braydon Dagenais. I was born and raised in Minnesota, USA, and wouldn't call any other place home! I started playing Minecraft only a few weeks before the release of 1.4 and was an admin on a server for about a year before leaving to start my own adventure in server ownership. That first server became my inspiration for every server that followed. It was a simple server with creative and survival. Nothing fancy, with very few plugins.

I am majoring in Network Administration at Dunwoody College of Technology in Minnesota, and plan to keep Altitude open for many years to come. Interestingly, what started as a simple hobby has grown into my passion and soon to be profession. If it weren't for Altitude I wouldn't be where I am today!

I am amazed every day at what Altitude has grown to be and what the community has accomplished. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through our adventure and I'm excited to see what the future holds!

Photo of Braydon

Our Hardware

As the server has continued to grow and evolve, our skills in hosting and optimization have as well. We started as a little server running from home on an old PC, and soon switched over to Minecraft hosting from various companies, which provided better hardware and bandwidth than we could ever afford. After a few months we transitioned to a VPS from OVH, and finally, a dedicated server.

Today we run on a gaming server from OVH with 32GB of memory, an Intel i7 4690k processor, two 250GB SSD's and 1TB of bandwidth. This server hosts our Minecraft server, forums, dynmap, and website, and is something we will be able to grow into for several years to come.

Photo of Original Server PC

Our History

Altitude was established by Braydon Dagenais in January of 2015. Following our inspiration, it was a simple, private server to get together with friends and it quickly became tradition to come together every afternoon. In March of 2015 Braydon decided to go public with the server, inviting people from all around the globe to be a part of the community they had formed, and enjoy the game just as we were.

At this point the server was named The UnderGround. We kept true to our original concept and created a server where players could come together to enjoy the original game in a community setting. The community grew through the summer months and in September of 2015 we renamed ourselves Altitude.

Today, Altitude thrives on the community that has formed. Many great people have decided to call Altitude home, and many more great people come every day. We are constantly learning more about what makes Altitude great, and what we can do to make it even greater.

We hope you will join us on this adventure and learn with us as we embark on this amazing journey.

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