Shop Tutorial

Server Shops Tutorial Video

How to Create a Shop

Players can sell their own items by creating a shop with a chest. Creating a Chest Shop costs 50 coins. Other players can then right-click the chest to buy items from it. Each chest can sell one specific item.

To create a shop you will need a chest, a sign, and an item you want to sell. Place the chest where you want to create your shop and then place the sign on the chest. Type [shop] on the first line, the quantity on the second line, and the price on the third line. Then hold what you want to sell and punch the sign to activate the new shop. The quantity is how many should be sold each time a player click the shop.

Screenshot showing shop sign creation

Other Types of Shops

You can also create shops that buy an item or trade items. To create one of these, add "buy" or "trade" to the fourth line on the sign.

​For trade shops, you need to specify an item you are giving away and an item you want to receive in return. The first number is the quantity of the item you are giving away, and the second number is the quantity​ of the item you want in return. The sign above, for example, could be set up to offer 1 diamond for 3 obsidian.

Shops At Spawn

There are some server-owned shops withing Origin (spawn) that sell basic items. This includes seeds, saplings, ores, dyes, and some blocks. You can access these shops by going to /spawn and then heading right after exiting the town hall.

The prices in these shops are likely higher than you would find at player shops. This is intentional to encourage trading between players, and the prices at Origin should serve as a guideline for what players should set their prices to.

Useful Commands

  • /shops - Get a list of promoted player shops
  • /auctions - See a list of current items for sale/auction
  • /auctions <sell/bid> <price> <qty> - Put an item up for sale/auction
  • /shop - General chest shop command
  • /bal - Check your current balance
  • /pay <player> <amount> - Pay other players
  • /payconfirmtoggle <player> - Toggle whether you need to confirm a payment before it sends with /pay

How to Earn Coins

Our economy is focused on promoting trading between players instead of between players and the server. Many players think it is difficult to earn coins since you can't sell items to the server! The best way to earn money is to create shops selling to other players and generate traffic by promoting your shop. There is a lot of money on the server, it's just in other player's pockets right now!

You will also earn coins by being on the server. As you play you will occasionally find coins laying around. This is a slow source of income to continuously generate new coins in the market.

Finally, you can earn coins by voting for the server. Every vote has a rare chance of giving you 5 to 500 coins. You can vote up to eight times every day by visiting the voting page!

How to Use Auctions

You can sell individual items by creating auctions. Every player can have up to one bidding listing and one instant-buy listing at a time. This is a great way to sell one-off or very rare items, and reduces the spam in chat.

​Players can view active auctions by dong /auctions. The GUI that opens defaults to listing instant-buy listings. You can click on the Slime Ball to switch to bidding listings.

To add your own item to the auctions, type /auctions <sell/bid> <price> <qty>. Type "sell" if you want players to be able to instantly buy the item for the price you set. Type "bid" if you want players to be able to bid on your item. Instant-buy listings last 3 days and bidding listings last 24 hours.

Screenshot of auctions GUI in-game

Start Selling!

The economy is largely a player-run economy. It depends on players buying and selling to each other to keep the money flowing! The best way to earn money on the server is to sell your items to other players for a lower price than the server is selling them for.

​​Anyone can start a shop, and you can do it anywhere in the world! Just build a shop the way you want it to look and fill it with Chest Shops (following the tutorial to the left).

Once it's finished it is completely up to you how you want to advertise it and generate traffic to it. We suggest applying for a waypoint to be set at your shop, which will mark it on the Dynmap and allow people to navigate to it in-game. You can also pay in-game money to promote your waypoint so that players can directly teleport to it! Open the GUI (/shops) in-game for more information.

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