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Patreon Server

We at Altitude have decided to create a Patreon minecraft server! This server will be close to vanilla survival gameplay and utilizes the new 1.14.4 release of minecraft. This server is intended for our more mature players, so they may continue to have fun and enjoy the server while also keeping the generally younger audience of the main survival servers happy. The funds from the Patreon goes directly towards supporting this exclusive server. We hope to see you on the server!


  • BetterBanner - Allows banners to have up to 16 layers.
  • ChatControl - Makes the chat cleaner resulting in a better experience.
  • DropHeads - ​Mobs and players have a chance to drop their heads on death.
  • SmoothSleep - Accelerates the night cycle. Can be stopped at any point.
  • Universal dyeing - Use dye to re-color any glass, terracotta, concrete or wool.

Getting Started

Go to our Patreon and choose one of the tiers. From there you'll need to fill out the form you get via email - after that you'll need to wait for staff to whitelist you. This can take a few hours depending on the time of day.

Everything in the world is player made, which means what you see on the first day can be changed by the community.

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