Server Rules

These rules apply to all of our services. This includes (but is not limited to) our Minecraft server, forums, and Discord.

Staff have the right to make judgment calls

On a server that is constantly growing and changing it is impossible to write a rule for every situation. Therefore, staff on the Altitude server have the right to make decisions on a case by case basis and enforce these decisions even if there is no formal rule written here. If you disagree with any decisions made by staff please do not dispute it on the server. Instead, email us at [email protected].

Please do not "mini-mod" (try to enforce the rules yourself). You may inform others of what the rules are, but if someone continues to break the rules always submit a contact form so that we can take care of the situation properly. Additionally, please do not complain or report a player publicly, this only creates additional issues.

Do not use alt accounts or share your account

You are responsible for the security of your Minecraft account, as well as accounts you have on any of our other services. If another user gains access to your account you are still responsible for the actions on that account. This means if your account is banned for something someone else did on the account, it is staying banned.

Additionally, please do not use more than one account on any of our services. If you have friends or family members that will be connecting from the same location as you, please notify a staff member. If you are caught using more than one account either to gain an unfair advantage over others or to avoid a punishment, all of your accounts will be permanently banned.

Be respectful and courteous to everyone online

Our goal is to keep the server friendly and inviting for everyone. Please be aware of who is online and adjust your behavior accordingly. If you notice someone is becoming uncomfortable with a certain topic please avoid this topic until they are offline, or take the conversation to a form of private chat (party chat, PMs, or Discord chat). Please do not attempt to make someone else upset or discriminate against anyone for any reason.

​Additionally, usernames, skins, or capes that could offend someone are not allowed. If you join with any of these you will be permanently banned until you send an appeal stating you’ve changed the item in question. This includes, but is not limited to, names with inappropriate language or slurs and skins/capes with nudity or offensive symbols.

Finally, do not build anything in any of our worlds that is inappropriate for younger audiences, or could be offensive towards someone else. There are no exceptions to this rule and if we find something inappropriate built by you, you will be temporarily or permanently banned.

Keep chat friendly and clean

With so many people using one public chat it is easy for the chat to become hectic or annoying. Therefore, please be mature about what you send in chat. Make sure the messages you are sending are mature and tasteful and contribute to a conversation in some way. Do not spam the chat, I.E., repeating the same message more than once, sending meaningless messages that do not add to the conversation, or sending obnoxious messages to get people's attention.

​​Additionally, we do allow moderate use of swearing and CAPS on the server. However, we ask that you use both of these within reason and be mature about it. Again, be aware of who is online and limit yourself accordingly. Some words are automatically filtered out, and messages with heavy caps are automatically changed.

Finally, please only use English in the public chat. If you wish to use another language please use come form of private chat such as party chat or PMs. It is best to ask for help in English as this is the language that most of the staffing team and players online will understand.

Do not advertise other servers or content

Advertising other servers or Realms on any of Altitude's services is strictly prohibited. Never share the name or IP of another server in any of our public chats. If you would like to invite a friend to another server you may do so using a private message. You may also share an IP of another server in a PM if someone has personally requested the information. If you send too many PM’s, however, it will be considered advertising.

Additionally, do not advertise your YouTube, Twitch, or any social media on any of Altitude's services unless you are producing content directly related to the server. Again, you may also share links to these upon request by another user, however if it is determined that you are abusing this and using it to advertise you will be muted or banned.

Only use approved modified clients

We believe that everyone on Altitude should have a level playing field. Therefore, we discourage using any mods that give an unfair advantage. If you are caught using any mods (this includes hacked clients!) that give you an unfair advantage you will be permanently banned from the server.

believe you are being falsely flagged for hacking please report it to [email protected]

We allow modifications in the following categories:

  • Mods that improve client performance (Optifine)
  • Minimaps that do not show additional data such as entities, cave systems, or chest locations
  • Aesthetic modifications that do not give you an unfair advantage or change gameplay (Shaders)
  • Inventory management systems, such as automatic organization
  • Mods for recording gameplay (ReplayMod))
  • Armor and status HUDs

Do not exploit any bugs on the server or our plugins

Exploiting any plugin or server related bug is prohibited. If you attempt to exploit the server or one of our plugins you may be temporarily or permanently banned. Possible exploits include doing anything that will bypass the AFK detection system, as well as grinding the auto-regenerating loot chests. Do not use any sort of AFK grinding system, even for a short amount of time, and all natural chests in the world regenerate their loot for others to enjoy. Do not grind these chests in any way.

Vanilla exploits are allowed as long as all players are able to do them, and they can be done in a single player world without any mods. This means getting on top of the nether, for example, is allowed. Duplication exploits, however, are always prohibited.

Do not “grief” anything on the server

Griefing any of the worlds is strictly forbidden. "Griefing" is classified as any world modification that is intended to be unpleasant to the eyes, or to intentionally hurt another player. If you grief any of the worlds on Altitude you will be permanently banned.

Players are allowed to loot, claim, and inhabit any builds that are unclaimed, as long as the entire build is unclaimed. Many players build railroads to travel across the world and are unable to claim the entire track. Because of this, you are prohibited from taking, breaking, or claiming any tracks, redstone, or blocks that another player has placed to build a railroad, even if they are unclaimed.

If you are unable to claim something you've built you run the risk of having the build looted or claimed. We will not rollback any damage or make someone unclaim something if you failed to claim it yourself, unless you can prove that you made a reasonable effort to claim the build. I.E: dont just claim a small corner, this rule only protects you if we believe maybe you forgot to expand your claim, or made a mistake while claiming.

Be respectful when you claim land

Your claim allowance should only be used to protect things that you have built, so please, do not claim large areas of land that you have not built a significant amount on. If we find that your claim protects a large area of land that you have not built on it will likely be deleted or resized.

Please, only claim natural structures (like villages and temples) if you intend to make it your primary home. These structures auto regen their loot, so we would like to keep them public for everyone to enjoy. This rule does not apply to mineshafts (since they are everywhere), mob spawners, or ocean monuments (both used for grinders).

Finally, do not create a claim within 50 blocks of another player's claim, unless both of you have agreed to allow claims closer together. If your claim is found to be within 50 blocks of another player's it will be deleted! This also applies to expanding your claim, so make sure that when you are expanding your claim you do not get too close to another player. If you believe that somebody has created a claim just to prevent you from expanding, please contact a staff member.

Only PvP when both parties agree

PvP on the server is prohibited unless all parties involved agree prior. If you are caught purposely killing another player in any way without their consent you will be temporarily or permanently banned. This includes using any sort of player traps.

If you enable PvP and engage in a battle you are responsible for the outcome (including any items lost or taken). If you want to play for keeps, where the winner keeps the items, you must agree to this beforehand and have proof that you both agreed to these terms. If you win and you cannot prove that you discussed these terms, then you will be required to return the items that the loser dropped.

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