Server Rules

We aim to be a mature environment that is enjoyable for adults, but still appropriate (enough) for younger players too.

Chat Code of Conduct

Profanity is allowed in public chat as long as it is not used to purposely insult or upset anyone. Discrimination or harassment of any kind is never allowed. Immature usage of this language (this includes using it at random for no reason, or in almost every message you send) is also not allowed.

Potentially sensitive topics, like politics, religion, and sex, are allowed in public chat as long as the messages do not make others uncomfortable and discussions about such topics remain civil. Please be aware of others online when you send messages in public chat.

Immature behavior in chat will not be tolerated. If staff have reason to believe that you are purposely sending messages to be upsetting, insulting, or annoying to anyone on the server, you will be muted.

Finally, please only use English in public chat. We may not be able to moderate other languages, so they are only allowed in private messages and party chat.

No advertising

Advertising other servers or Realms is prohibited. Never share an IP or link related to another server in public chat. You may share another server's IP or link, or a Realm, in a private message, but only if someone requested this information first.

Do not share YouTube, Twitch, other social media links, or other Discord servers in any public chats unless the content is directly related to Altitude. If the content is not related to Altitude, you may share it in a private message, but only if the receiver requested the information first.

Hacks and Mods Policy

Any hack or mod that gives you an unfair advantage in the game is not allowed. Additionally, most vanilla exploits are allowed – unless they give you materials you are not supposed to have (such as duplication glitches). Exploiting any non-vanilla features (our plugins) is prohibited. You may use any mods that fit into the categories below.

We allow modifications in the following categories:

  • Mods that improve client performance (Optifine)
  • Minimaps, as long as it doesn't show anything you can't normally see (caves, dungeon locations, etc.)
  • Aesthetic modifications that do not give you an unfair advantage or change gameplay (Shaders)
  • Inventory management systems, such as automatic organization
  • Mods for recording gameplay (ReplayMod)
  • The Schematica mod (auto-build feature is prohibited)
  • Armor and status HUDs (as long as info shown is accessible in vanilla)
  • Macros (setting certain actions to specific buttons)

Absolutely no “griefing”

You are allowed to loot anything in the survival worlds that is unclaimed. However, you are never allowed to “grief” anything. “Griefing” is any action that is intended to cause harm to either a player or the server. For example, damaging an unclaimed house because you want the original owner to log in and find it destroyed.

Looting exception: Do not break railroads even if they are unclaimed. If you would like to destroy some rails that you think are abandoned, please ask a staff member to inspect them.

Griefing also includes any action that is intended to make an area very unpleasant to look at. Do not build anything that would offend a majority of people, make a significant number of players uncomfortable, OR for the sole purpose of being upsetting, insulting, or annoying to anyone on the server.

Land Claiming Policy

Please be courteous when claiming your land. Do not claim unnecessarily large areas, do not claim any areas you haven’t built within, and do not claim too close to another player without their permission. In general, you may claim up to 50 blocks beyond the furthest point of your build, and you should claim at least 100 blocks away from other players.

If you do not properly claim your land and something is stolen, broken, or lost, we will not replace it. You can claim in any of the survival worlds with /claim.

PvP Policy

In general, Altitude is a PvP-free server, however we do allow it to be toggled with /pvp if someone would like to engage in it for fun. Do not engage in PvP unless it is consensual between all parties involved.

Since PvP is intended to only be used when /pvp is toggled on, any method of bypassing this toggle is prohibited. This means player traps, pushing players into anything that would kill them, and any other method of killing another player without engaging in PvP, are prohibited.

You are responsible for anything that happens while you have PvP enabled unless you agree to certain terms before enabling your PvP. If you expect to have your items returned after you die, make sure you discuss this with your opponent beforehand!

Name and Skin Limitations

Usernames or skins that would offend a majority of people, make a significant number of players uncomfortable, OR break any of our chat-related rules are not allowed.

For donors, nicknames must relate to your actual username so that people can still recognize you. Custom prefixes must be 10 characters or less, must be only one word, and cannot contain anything that would offend a majority of people, make a significant number of players uncomfortable, OR break any of our chat-related rules.

Account Usage Policy

You are responsible for the security of any accounts you have on our services. If someone else uses your account and breaks a rule your account will still be punished. Additionally, we will not restore any data lost due to someone else accessing your account.

Alternate ("alt") accounts may be used as long as it is the only account logged in OR it is being used to test something that requires a second account. Alt accounts will be banned if they are used to give you an unfair advantage or to exploit our systems, such as using them while another account is banned. If you have a family member or friend connecting from the same location as you, please notify a staff member, otherwise we may assume it’s an alt account.

Bypassing the automatic AFK system is prohibited. Additionally, leaving your game unattended while sitting near a mob spawner, or any other automated system, ("AFK grinding") is not allowed. You may use automated grinders as long as you are present while using them.

Uncategorized rules

Redstone: Redstone is allowed on the server as long as it doesn't have a noticeable impact on the server's performance. You can build whatever you want, just be aware that if you go too big and we notice a problem in the server's lag reports, we may ask you to shut it down or make it smaller.

Flying machines: Redstone flying machines (and "submarines") are allowed as long as they stay within your claim and are only used to travel between two points (like elevators, or a skyway connecting to buildings).

Scamming: Scamming other players in any way is prohibited. Do not attempt to trick others during item trades or economy transactions.

Disputing a rule or punishment

If you would like to dispute a moderator’s decision, a punishment you’ve received, or one of our rules, please contact us privately. We understand that things can get frustrating and sometimes a discussion is necessary to make sure we are doing the right thing, but we don’t want a potentially sensitive discussion to interrupt everyone else who is trying to play. Please help us keep things peaceful and reach out at

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