Hello! I believe I need a bit of help, please!
Hello all! First, I want to apologize if this is not the right area to post this, but I didn't see a better place.

I'm Taylor, a daily player of MC, and I have only been playing about a year. Well, the whole year that I have played has been on a single (different) server. Really long story short, things are getting out of hands there and is going down hill, sadly. So I am looking to become a new member of a server and make some new friends! I have checked a few things out and this server sounds really intriguing but I just don't know how to make up my mind! Seriously, I cannot tell you how long I have been looking at different "server list" websites.

I guess I should tell ya what I am looking for?
A big problem on my old server was looting. Every chest had to be locked and if you had not logged in during a certain amount of time, anyone could lock pick it and steal your stuff. That really bothered me, because if for some reason I wasn't able to get on, I definitely would NOT want to come back to all of my stuff being taken, you know? I feel like everyone should work for their own resources. Now, I am not against helping by any means, I love lending a hand building or offering supplies, I just feel like it's kind of cheaty just to take what someone else has worked for. It's player versus environment, not player versus player.

Due to their only being a few long-term members, our economy was basically non existent. No one bought from the shops because more than likely, they already had the items themselves.
We had a ton of "week players." People would log on, ask for stuff, join a town, make a house, and then wouldn't come back after a week. This was getting a bit much because, being a helper, I would invest most of my time into helping these new players get situated only to have spent my time wasted because they never returned.
Our admin is a jerk, seriously. He is rude to EVERYONE, new players, old players, mods, just anyone.
Villager enchants were tweaked, you couldn't get a mending book for less than 64 emeralds. You had to do a lot for quests to earn very little money, that you would just drain trying to lock your chests. A lot of things weren't allowed, like mob farms, if you found a spawner, you couldn't use it unless you left it alone and had an "even fight." Which is alright, but I have always wanted to check out an enderman farm. We had a ton of people wanting shulkers and no shulkers to get.

SO I hope that did not seem like just a lot of complaining to you guys, I just wanted to put out there kinda was I was looking for/wasn't looking for so that you all can help me make up my mind a bit about this server. From the bit I have read, it seems really awesome and like it'd be a lot of fun. I don't know much about plug ins and mods but I did see under the tags survival and land claim. Which I am not entirely sure what land claims mean, I think I get the general idea? If anyone can provide me with more information about this server it would be really appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully I will see you on the server!

<3 Taylor_Dawn94
Hey Taylor_Dawn!

I'm so excited to have you on the server and I'm glad your considering Altitude as your new home! Altitude is intended to be a near-vanilla experience, so (for the most part) our plugins don't change the behavior of the game. We haven't changed any spawn rates, game mechanics, or loot tables, etc. Basically - if you can do it in a single player Minecraft world you should be able to do it on Altitude. The entire idea from Altitude from the beginning was basically a single player experience with the ability to connect with friends.

This means that the end and the end cities, the nether and nether fortresses, spawners, villagers, etc, are all open to everyone and can be accessed without any restrictions.

We have added a few plugins that we believe optimize the server for a multiplayer environment. For example: creeper explosions would litter the world so on Altitude they automatically regenerate any damage they caused.

Here are the main plugins we have:

- GriefPrevention provides a self-service land claiming tool. You select two opposite corners to select the rectangular area between them. Claimed land can only be modified by you, so your chests, crops, animals, and builds are protected. Claims are automatically deleted after 120 days of inactivity. We thought this was a long enough time to weed out the players who join for a week and never come back while still keeping the claims of players who might be inactive for only a month or two.

- CoreProtect allows staff to rollback any griefs or raids. We DO allow players to raid unclaimed homes, but only if they are completely unclaimed and have no signs or recent activity. If you are unable to claim all your land you can place a sign in a very clear place saying who owns the build and the date you were last on and that will serve as temporary protection until you can claim it. With this sign staff can see you did mark the place as actively owned, which means it shouldn't have been raided, and we will rollback the damage.

- Players can set homes and teleport back to them with /sethome and /home. You can also teleport to friends with /tpa.

- McMMO, our biggest plugin, adds leveling and skills to the game. Each action (mining, cutting wood, farming, etc) gains levels and as you gain levels you can use certain abilities like fast mining or chopping entire trees down with one hit. The abilities can only be used for about 5 seconds at a time and have a 3 minute cooldown, so they aren't as over powered as they sound. Its more just a cool stats system and we enjoy competing for top 10 in all the categories.

The best way to learn more about the server would be to join our Discord, a voice and text chat service. We have a community server where you can message everyone online with your questions:

[Image: banner.gif]

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