Meet us! DivineHybridd & Lagertha5618
Hello, fellow air-breathing mammals of Earth! I and my real-life girlfriend have been playing the server for a while now and though we have been a bit reclusive I feel its about time you met us formally!

Starting with myself for completely bias reasons.
My name is Nick. or DivineHybridd on the server. I'm 19 and I play on Valley primarily. I also enjoy Skyblock from time to time as well as Overwatch! Tongue My Discord is DivineHybridd#4888 if you are down for a couple rounds of overwatch in downtime. Big Grin

And my amazing girlfriend Heart
Breanna. or Lagertha5618. Who is 18 and also plays on Valley primarily. And if you are a fellow nerd like we both are, that IS actually a reference from Vikings on History Channel. She is still rather new to gaming as a whole but i am carefully getting her into it and getting her comfortable. So far Minecraft, The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto seems to be her favorite games out of all the ones I let her play! Smile

We look forward to many good memories on the server! Take care everyone!
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Nice to meet both of you and welcome to the Altitude community! (Even if I am a bit late)
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I know I'm late, but it is nice to meet the both of you. Hope you both have a wonderful time here.

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