[Icecrown] City project!
Well, I've been playing for some days now and since I started I was planning on making a city/empire/kingdom.
At the start I wanted to do a desert empire (Like the ancient Sassanid Empire) but now I want to make something more fantasy-like
My idea is to make the Icecrown from the Warcraft universe, but then the problems start: I don't have enough money to claim the area I want, buy I'll be working on that. The other problem is that I'm alone in this and I'm not exactly a good builder so, the intention of this post is to ask if someone wants to help me with my project (I'm not asking for money but for building support)
I'm planning to do it in a place that looks suspiciously familiar to Northrend on Valley, Coords: -8750 64 -1350
Anyways let me know if you think a desert empire would look better.

Have a nice day!

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