the event idea is probably hard to manage but its like a treasue hunt or a race perhaps you can work in groups of 4 or lower and  the event goes for 1 month or maybe a week and on the first day a clue will be in spawn or somewhere like a classic riddle leading to a portal inside that portal it takes you to a private video that showes you have to vote for that day and when they vote from that whole week they will gett classic crate key and a special event key which opens a box where it give you a peice of a puzzle and maybe the puzzle would be 30 item frames big or 7x 7  idk but then that would be it for the day then they would have to come back the next day but there will be another chest to open which lead to more clues then with that you would have to go onto discord and find a message there which you put into google which again come with a link to a private video on the altitude community channel which give aa code to coqardenets to a location which they will get the 2nd map then
the next day will be say they have to get 5 peices of paper hidden in peoples warps or in spawn which somehow people can acsess which lthen it give a book or somthing to say /spawn turn left  turn right somthing like that which leads to a door where you have to thow your book to open the door and you walk inside giving the 3rd peice and so on until the last day which would be like a reward key or token that there will be a board where you put your key or sell it and you get a prize for complete ing the week challenge.

oof i got so many ideas and i hope it is chosen and i can be apart of it 

im seafordcybershot ingame btw 

so basically

video/ announcmenrt
find place
get code with clue to get the code
go to portal 
leads to room with puzzle peice
add 7 puzzle peices to make somthing

prizes for 1st-10th and it got to be big but everyone else still gets somthing small

it could be for
altitude birthday: so its a week leading up to it
new year so it starts 12 o/clock and ends 1st jan so 12 peices  every peice each hour  then winners will be announced 1st jan discord and on server
christmas maybe 24 days starting 1st dec ends christmas day and every one gets a presant and the winners get bigger prizes
ect, ect, ect

sorry its so long but im really passionate if you can catch me on discord that would be cool
or reply to this forum


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