Mypet Respawning
These little critters and large are awesome-- but Waiting 17 minutes for something to respawn just because you couldn't feed it quick enough is almost too ridiculous.. 10-5 minutes would manageable I'm just not certain why its almost 20 minutes to respawn something like a defender... that has no more health than a utility pet.

I'd also like a suggestion to look over the starvation rate-- sometimes its not very quick to find/ get food for your critters and I've run into them starving to death too quickly right after I've found them food.

If its not possible to modify or adjust these I suppose I'll just have to get quicker about it! But hopefully this will make it a little less stressful when dealing with some of the pets.
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You can temporarily despawn them through /petsendaway, which keeps their hunger points from decreasing.

Regardless, though...agreed on the respawn penalty buildup being redic.
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