[Offering] Pet Services
Greetings! As many may know I offer pet training and a variety of services pertaining to such. With the inventory merge and the two servers I am here to announce that my services are extended to both Apex and Summit! I've already taken on quite a few and completed a number of pet's training from summit and apex alike should you need any testimonials I can provide you the names of  several happy customers from 1.12 to 1.13.2 who have already received their pets!

What Services do I provide?

I provide domestication of any desired pet within the limitations of the /mypet plugin - meaning I'll go find it and capture it for you if you haven't or don't want to.

I provide fast and speedy training for most pets (Roughly 2-3 days) , excluding those with the skillsets Defender or Mount as these take a fair bit more work- this meaning it may take a day or two more to complete these. 

I also provide in-depth information about how individual skillsets work, and which commands to use to get the most out of your new friend!

Each pet upon completion comes with a small care package (Usually 2-3 stacks of their favorite food!) 

I can also provide untrained /mypets should you wish to simply have or take it upon yourself to train your own pet but can't find it! These pets have set prices and may or may not be negotiable

Current Stock:

Charged Creepers
Rabbits (Adults only Currently)
Baby Zombie
Baby Drowned
Baby Husk
Baby Pigman
Baby Polar Bears
Skelly Horses

*All of the above pets are untrained except the Stray which has a small amount of training currently
** I can also catch anything you want if I do not have it in stock as long as it fits within the /mypet plugin 

Services other than /mypet

I also offer the sale of non-mypets such as exotic tropical fish, cats, dogs, and parrots (case by case.)


All costs are based on a strategically configured system such things include:

1. Do I have to domesticate (catch it) myself
2. What type of pet it is (is it a  Zombie, bat,  etc?)
3. What food does it eat (yes this is important to pricing! Some pets have exotic tastes in food!)
4. What skillset do you want it to be (some take longer, some take less time!)
5. What is the current level of the pet (Obviously if I'm domesticating it I'll know this, but if you bring me a pet it is most important for me to know this!)

Each of these five things go into the calculation of how much it will cost you to have your pet trained. There are also a few fees covering my time, the risks, and beating I may incur whilst training your new friend! However, each pet, and its skillset comes with its own set price, discounts vary from case to case depending on the list above, customized to fit each individual customer!


You can use /mail send G4m3rkitty3 in game to send me a mail to inquire about my services, or simply /msg G4m3rkitty3 in game if I am online  and I will get to you as soon as possible! My roster fills up quickly, should you be in a rush I maybe able to refer you to one of my partners.
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