Warp Guidelines
Before applying for a warp make sure you meet these requirements!

  • You need to be the owner of the claim your warp is placed in!
  • Your warp area should look good. Put as much effort as you can into it - players should enjoy spending time there! Your warp should look professional, and be near to or completely finished. Your warp should be safe for players. It shouldn't have places players can get stuck, trapped, or easily killed. It should be easy to navigate too - don't create a confusing maze of chestshops, for example.
  • If your warp's primary function is for shops, then they need to be selling something players want. Your stock levels must be sufficient to support players who may buy a lot of items, and you need the infrastructure to keep replenishing your shops. If you're selling something spawn's shops also sell, you should be selling at a discount, otherwise players will simply go to spawn to purchase the item.
  • If your warp is a town, you should have plenty of subdivided plots set up, and be active enough to maintain and assign players to those plots quickly - people don't want to wait a long time to join a town. Consider trusting a friend or two to help maintain the town. You must also have at least 3 residents in your town before applying for a warp.
  • If your warp is something else, such as a public spawner, or simply a pretty build players enjoy hanging out at, then make sure it's unique. While it's great to have a few options, we don't need a tenth guardian spawner XP farm unless it offers something new that the other warps lack.
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