Want to know some information about skyblock.
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Hello my ingame and forum name is MadError and i wanna know some things about skyblock: When skyblock Will be ready?  Are you working on it?  With what version we will Play skyblock? Hope its gonna be 1.13 or newest! I cant wait for it! Smile
Hi there!
We currently have no ETA on Skyblock, but yeah, working on it Smile
And yeah, most likely 1.13.

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The Skyblock plugin we plan on using is still in Alpha and isn't ready. We are currently just experimenting with it so we can get an idea of how it works.

There is no ETA on when the plug-in will be ready, thus we have no ETA either.

When Skyblock is released it will run the latest version of Minecraft just like all our other servers.

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