[Offering] Large Tower in Altivis
I am selling one of the large towers in Altivis. I have spent a few hours renovating it so far. Here are a few specs:
Quote:Height: 64 Blocks
Length/Width: 16x16 Blocks
Levels: 11
And here's some images!

[Image: 6JNBYMX.png]

[Image: hc55sdd.png]

[Image: gYunH2Y.png]

[Image: vPQlD6g.png]

[Image: cno5DSF.png]

[Image: Nk5JTud.png]

[Image: dq39EQZ.png]

I'd like to sell it for upwards of $2000 OBO. If you would like to bid more, please comment below.

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