We’ve Switched to Waterfall!

We’ve Switched to Waterfall!

In order to support the growing community we have decided to go all-in with a potential solution: Waterfall. Waterfall allows us to run multiple Minecraft servers at the same time and link them together to feel like just one server. We’ve moved the nether and the end to their own servers, so when you go to them you are actually going to an entirely different server! We’ve also added a Resource world (server) that has a couple custom settings. Currently we have it configured this way:

– To navigate around the server, you will need to use /servers. You can chat with people from all the servers, and see who is in each world in TAB. However, you are currently not able to teleport to players unless you are in the same server as them.

– The main survival world is very similar to before, but now hostile mob spawns are greatly reduced and PvP is permanently disabled.

– The Resource world is a new survival world, with no claiming, pvp always on, and increased hostile spawn rates.

– The nether and end are separate servers, but you can still get to them by using a nether portal or an end portal.

This is a MAJOR change to the way the server behaves and there will be some bugs! We are going to be working on this new set-up for a quite some time as we flush out the bugs and improve the features. Please be patient as we improve the system, we know not everything is perfect (tpa across servers is coming soon!)

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