New Plan: Dual Survival Servers

New Plan: Dual Survival Servers

As you all know, we’ve been struggling to support more people on Altitude – we’ve reached a point where Altitude can’t hold everyone who wants to be a part of it! Since Altitude is almost always full, some members would have eventually given up and left to go find another server. I believe that everyone here is part of Altitude because they like the features we offer and the way we run our server, so rather than making some of our members leave and find a random server, I’m opening a new survival server that is almost an exact copy of the original! I’m going to make ranks, McMMO data, and MyPets will sync between the servers, but everything else – including the world itself will be different.

This means that now you will need to decide which server you want to play on: Apex (the existing server) or Summit (new server)? Please keep in mind these are basically two entirely different survival servers – you are not intended to plan on both! Just choose one that has all your friends, and call it home. Both servers will have 50 slots, and Donor exclusive access is being enabled on both.

Anyone that chooses “Summit”, our new survival server, can reach out to an admin to have their stuff (home, chests/shulkers, and eco balance) moved to the new server. If you haven’t started playing yet we _strongly_ recommend you join the new server, because there will be more space!

Summit server IP:

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