More Information on Lag

More Information on Lag

I’m putting this information here so that it’s accessible to everyone.

For anyone curious, this is a timings report from the server over the last hour. “Timings” monitors the server’s performance by measuring how long each process takes to complete:

Minecraft servers run on “ticks”. Every “tick” things are processed like grass growing, mobs moving, chests opening, blocks breaking, commands, etc. Each second there should be 20 “ticks” – so each tick should last 50ms or less. Right now the server is running at 17 ticks per second, so things are noticeably slower.

This timings report lists every single process on the server and how long they are taking. For each entry you’ll see something like this: count(71341) total(7.42% 247.08s, 6.93% of tick) That means this process has run 71,341 times and took 7.42% of the tick’s total time on average (if the tick was 100ms, this process took 7.42ms). In the past hour this process took up a total of 247s of the server’s time, and on average it takes 6.93% of what 1 tick should be (50ms).

Also, here is the hardware we are renting to run the server:

And here is my post in /r/admincraft asking if anyone else is having the same issues:

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