Replacing Residence with GriefPrevention

Replacing Residence with GriefPrevention

Due to the amount of issues we are having with Residence, we are reverting back to GriefPrevention for land claiming. Residence will remain on the server for a short period of time so that everyone can delete their Residence claims and re-protect their land with GriefPrevention instead.

We’ve changed some settings in GriefPrevention so that players do _not_ earn claim blocks over time by playing. Instead, you must buy claim blocks with /buyclaimblocks. This way, you can buy as many or as little as you need – and are not limited in how much area you can claim.

Please, @everyone, delete your Residence claims and replace them with GriefPrevention when you can. I’d like to delete Residence from the server as soon as possible.

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