“Mature” Server Expectations

“Mature” Server Expectations

Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder that Altitude is intended to be a “mature” environment. We are a public server and welcome everyone, but please be aware that we allow swearing and conversation about adult-oriented topics (as long as the conversation remains civil and mature). If you are not comfortable with these things, Altitude may not be the best server for you.

At the same time, immature usage of swear words and immature conversation about adult topics will not be tolerated. If staff have reason to believe that you are purposely sending messages to be upsetting, insulting, or annoying to anyone on the server, you will be muted. Our goal is to have as few restrictions on the server as possible, but if these freedoms are abused, additional rules will need to be implemented.

If anyone has any suggestions for how we can improve our rules or clarify our expectations, please let me know! I always want to improve in any way I can. However, please do not expect the server to change just for you – instead, find a server that better fits your needs. Thanks!

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