Limited Edition Phantom Rank

Limited Edition Phantom Rank

We are going to try something new! Right now we have a limited edition rank available for purchase on our donation store. This rank has all the same perks as the Ultimate rank, and is normally the same price, however right now it’s 50% off! That means, for $50 you get all the perks of the normal $100 rank PLUS a unique prefix never seen on Altitude before.

However, here’s the catch: This rank is only available during our “Beta 1.13” phase. Once we update to 1.13.1 and officially release the 1.13.x server, this rank will NEVER be sold again!

If you’d like to support the server and/or show your appreciation for the time and effort the entire staffing team has put into 1.13 so far, please consider purchasing this limited edition rank below!

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