38 Plugins Working, 21 Broken or in Progress

38 Plugins Working, 21 Broken or in Progress

I’ve been watching the progress of all of our plugins very closely, and running the latest versions of each of them on a test server almost daily. Several of our plugins have been releasing 1.13 dev versions, but are still not fully compatible with 1.13. For example, WorldEdit has been releasing 1.13 dev versions for weeks, but it still doesn’t support schematics – which we need in order to put the new spawn into the new world.

As of right now, I believe 38 plugins are compatible with 1.13. It is possible that some of these plugins may throw errors when a certain part of them is used, but I haven’t found anything yet. That means 21 of our plugins are still either completely broken, or not fully compatible (these are the ones that I know for sure throw errors when I try to use them).

**Plugins still broken in 1.13**: crates (vote rewards), Dynmap, holograms (the floating text in spawn), MyPet, the plot plugin (this means no creative world and no transfer plots), toggeable PvP, the random teleport plugin (this means no way to spread people out around the world), chest shops, and ViaVersion (this is the one that allows us to support multiple game versions).

As soon as Worldedit for 1.13 is released, we will most likely open a 1.13 version of the server that is missing those features, and let people choose which server to play on. We can set PvP to always off until that plugin is updated, and we’ll just have to wait a bit longer before we can bring the transfer plots over. The only thing I’m really worried about is the random teleport plugin – I don’t want the area around spawn to become a wasteland.

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