A creative project of massive proportions by the best builders on Altitude.

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  • Screenshot of the dynmap for Architopolis

    The custom map for Architopolis.

"Architopolis is our creative project and challenge. It's a culmination of the works of some of Altitude's best builders working together to build a realistic city and its surroundings."

Welcome to Architopolis

Architopolis is Altitude's creative project and challenge. We wanted to start something that would challenge those involved to be the best they can, provide a unique creative outlet that exercises the mind, and create something that would inspire awe to all who saw it. Architopolis also pulls the community closer together and gives the entire community something to be proud of.

We came up with the original concept back in very early 2013, when we were creating our very first Minecraft server. The initial group that had come together to play on the server were a creative bunch, and we all had an itch to start something massive. At first we had a secret world that nobody on the server knew existed. To most players we were a simple survival and creative server. But to those who were in the group, we knew there was another world that only we could access where there were no plots, only an open world for building infinitely. As the project grew we decided to scope the creative world for the best builders on our server and invite them to join us.

This initial project came to an end about a year after with the close of that first server. The group split and some took a break from Minecraft while others went on to try new things, from Redstone to YouTube. When Altitude opened, however, many of the group's members slowly came back together, and someone still had the world file. So we took a look and decided we could do it better, and this brings us to today. We are reviving the project, and inviting everyone to help out. Together we will build the best world in Minecraft!

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